30 – Camden, London, England

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Online: More than 6 months ago

Modified: 20 August 2015

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Camden, London, England
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5' 6" (168cm)
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Just online friends; Activity partners; Friends; Let's see what happens; A short-term relationship; A long-term relationship; Marriage
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In Her Own Words

About her

I took an interruption from my studies at UCL, where I am working towards an MSc in social neuroscience, and din this break from academia I have somehow become a freelance videographer, particularlly for weddings and bands. What I study and research is a chief interest of mine, alongside literature (in particular the novels and poetry of the Beat Generation), the phenomenon of lost words and linguistics, writing and film-making. I am additionally working toward a Level 2 certificate in British Sign Language
I can't whistle or cook, and I'm known for being clumsy, but I'm also known for a strange ability to get people writing (I may just push them into playing writing games with me, but it seems to encourage people to start writing more, which makes me inexplicably happy). When it comes to the clumsiness, what I lack in elegance I hopefully make up for in conversation.
I am quite introverted but excited to try new things and looking for reasons to smile. Among others, some of these may be: tiny teaspoons, mittens, organising my book collection (the only thing I have that isn't sort of chaotic), train journeys, ketchup, seeing elderly couples at the pub, finding someone the perfect gift, and being able to pull off hats.

Profession: videographer, future psychotherapist

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What Her Friends Say

John said...

People stare at her walking down the street. And her worst nightmare is being the centre of attention. That's typical Daisy, She is naively trusting and gives second-infinite chances and in truth, she doesn't know what she looks like to people. Her self-esteem needs a boost but with the all the stuff she creates I think she's either finding distractions or improving. theory. She's beautiful but also is looked at because she dresses in clothes from charity shops no one else could chuck together like that and pull it off. She has a lot of strange and endearing habits, like she's compulsively polite, only eats finger food in sets of two, makes T-shirts with book covers and Jack Kerouac faces on them, and she also worries way too much. Shit, I'm supposed to be making her look attractive. Well she's super sensitive and her empathy quotient must be off the charts. She actually listens to people when they talk and with her the conversations are the best you could have with anyone (once she feels unwound enough to speak without a stammer) because she knows all this stuff- about brains and people and poets and she is obsessed with words. She has a shelf dedicated to 'reference'- her shelves are labelled and I thought it cool rather than geeky. She says the only organised thing in her life is the book collection. She may be right with that one because she does seem to cause confusion wherever she goes (she's been serenaded at her window by a drunk guitarist in love with her). I know squat about poetry but Daisy's about me, I wake up wanting to read, and she's getting me into poetry. When we met I lived under strange circumstances and needed someone to talk to. Daisy is probably the most important thing in my life. She actually got me and my long=forgotten-never-forgiven birth mother talking on Skype, and managed to help me contact my real family in Ireland. So yeah she may be a bit of a handful, but she's worth it

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