28 Oct 2016

The most underrated advantages of being single

Category: Advice
Author: Karen
Last week we featured an article about the ways in which being single can sting a little, but, honestly, being single can also be brilliant. If you aren’t part of a couple it can sometimes feel like everyone, from your mum to the government, disapproves of you and will nag you or tax you accordingly. However, being single is fantastic and should be enjoyed to the full whilst you’ve still got the chance, because there are some things that you just can’t do once you’ve got a significant other to consider. Here are five of the best.
You don’t have to check in with anyone
Fancy going out for a drink tonight? Spending a frankly ridiculous amount of money on a hair cut? Moving to Finland? If you’re single then you can do whatever you want at a moment’s notice, without having to explain. But if you’re partnered up, you’re going to have to talk about it with your beau before you make any decisions, large or small.  You’re able to end an impromptu night on the tiles falling into bed squiffy and giggling, rather than creeping under the covers with a partner who is sulking because you forgot to check in with them. Appreciate the opportunity to be spontaneous.

 You can make the most of your friends
No matter how well your partner gets on with your mates, they still aren’t going to like them as much as you do and therefore your friendships will always be slightly compromised. There’s nothing more irritating than trying to catch up with your friends and being aware that your partner doesn’t want to gossip about that girl you went to school with who ran off with the caretaker. When you’re single you can devote your time wholeheartedly to your nearest and dearest.

You’ll collect an excellent selection of dating war stories
It’s the way of the dating world: some dates are wonderful, some are pretty average and some are weird/awkward/embarrassing/hilarious or a combination of everything. If you go on a bad date you should never be downhearted as these are the ones that make fantastic stories for your mates, and are actually very good ice breakers for other dates. Married friends will be particularly hungry to hear about your exciting single lifestyle, so make sure you’ve got some really good stories to tell!
 You don’t have that lingering relationship anxiety
Are they right for me? Are they ‘The One’? Am I settling? Would I be better off single? Can I really marry into that dysfunctional nightmare of a family? These are all weighty questions, and ones that you simply don’t have to ask yourself if you’re single and dating. Should I have another martini? Should I agree to a second date? Should I ditch my date and make a play for the total hotty at the bar? If these questions are more your style, enjoy your singledom for as long as you possibly can.
You can go out with whoever you want!
Surely the clincher. Whilst being in a relationship is great, it very quickly loses that edge of heart pounding excitement and you suddenly find yourself in IKEA on a Saturday night, bickering about whether you can fit a Billy bookcase into the boot of the car or not. When you’re single you can go out with lots of different people, have a fabulous time and not have to do any of the unsexy boring bits. Of course everyone wants to meet ‘The One’ eventually, but you should make sure you have an awful lot of fun on the way!

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