14 Dec 2016

Dating at Christmas: The ultimate MSF guide

Category: Features
Author: Karen
The Christmas season is undeniably fun: a solid three weeks where you're allowed, if not positively encouraged, to indulge yourself in pretty much every way and generally have a lovely time. However, if you've just started dating someone, Christmas can be a little bit of a minefield. Should you buy each other presents? Should you expect to see each other on Christmas day? Is it too early to tell them that that snowman jumper fall on the wrong side of ironic and is just plain tacky? Handily for you, we've compiled a guide to help you over these festive hurdles.

Gift giving: thoughtful and generous or pushy and scary?

Generally in life it's a pleasure to both give and receive gifts, but you should have a little bit of a think about how your generosity will be construed before you give your date something for Christmas. If you've only been on a couple of dates there's no need to give a gift, but if you really want to get them something, make sure it's something small and inexpensive. Spending loads of money on someone will most likely make them feel embarrassed and possibly a touch pressurised, and what you imagined would be a romantic Christmassy moment could just get really awkward. 


Should I expect to be invited for their family Christmas?

Again, this one kind of depends on how long you've been seeing each other for, but even if you feel like you're a pretty well established couple, it's important to bear in mind that Christmas can be stressful and most people have a significant amount of expectation placed on them by family and friends. If you're a new part of someone's life, you shouldn't expect to be invited to partake in long held family traditions immediately. The most important thing is to manage the expectations of both of you so no one ends up being upset or disappointed. Communicate about what you're both doing and when you'll be able to see each other, be prepared to make compromises and remember that you'll have them all to yourself for the pretty much the rest of the year.

Should I invite them along to my Christmas celebrations?

It depends on the occasion, but generally, yes. Even if you've only been on a few dates they will be flattered that you want them to meet your friends or colleagues, and it will allow them to feel confident in your affection for them. However, have a careful think about which occasions are suitable. Your new date might not enjoy a night of heavy drinking with the lads, or, on the flipside, a few bottles of wine and an intense gossip with the girls. However, going to more general Christmas events will be a lot of fun, and you can treat them as a date in themselves. 

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