04 Oct 2016

Guest blog: 9 Awesome Date Ideas That Won't Break The Bank

Category: Features
Author: Karen
We'd like to introduce you to the wonderful Katy Red, a dating, sex and relationship expert who recently won awards for her work from the UK Dating Awards and the UK Blog Awards. Katy's blog is called All Sweetness and Life, and is a treasure trove of information and tips for people navigating the unpredictable waters of dating in the 21st century, but she's popped over to the MSF blog to share her thought on dating that doesn't break the bank...

Dating is an expensive business. And, whether you’re going dutch or picking up the bill, a night on the tiles can be a serious thing to factor into your weekly budget. But, an awesome date doesn’t have to mean re-mortgaging the house or applying for a pay day loan, nor does it always need to include dinner and drinks. From an autumn walk to lunch for a fiver - here are 9 creative and, more importantly, affordable date ideas that won’t break the bank. 
1. A picnic in the park 
Even in autumn, wrapping up warm and lying on a blanket with a bottle of red and a packet of olives can be a real treat. There is something romantic too, about being out in the open air - and means you can splash out on a decent bottle because you’re not paying the earth to sit at a bar. 
2. Look up 
Whether it’s a walk around your city noticing the buildings you’ve normally passed by without a second glance, flying a kite on a windy weekend afternoon or lying on the grass at night for a spot of star gazing - there’s more up there than you realise, and no better conversation starter on a first date. 

3. A spot of culture
There are plenty of galleries and museums which are free or accept a small donation. And, whether you’re an art buff or not, wandering around a gallery on a date is a great way to get to know each other in an environment that has a bit more substance than just sitting opposite each other in a bar.
4. Amateur dramatics 
Am-dram productions are affordable and often great fun - and will give you plenty to talk about after. 
5. Walkies
If anything starts a conversation going it’s having an animal in tow. If you have a dog, what better than to suggest a walk - cheap, cheerful and what’s sexier than a person who loves animals? Brownie points all round. 

6. On your bike 
If you’re working on your fitness goals, suggesting a sporting activity for a date together is a great idea. Whether it’s a bike ride, a jog or a yoga class, seeing your date in all their sweaty glory means only one thing: i they want to see you again - you know you’re onto a winner. 
7. Window shopping 
If you’re the sort of person who loves a browse why not suggest a walk around the shops. Sainsbury’s might be pushing it a bit, but wandering around a market, a vintage emporium or day dreaming through the windows of high end fashion boutiques can be a lovely way to while away a Sunday afternoon. 
8. Go nibbling 
There are street food markets popping up all over the place now and they all have a fantastic atmosphere and, often, plenty of nosh for under a fiver. A street food market will give you a plenty to talk about, and if you really can’t stretch to a dish, many of them give out complimentary samples too, and what’s more fun than a free bit of grub?
9. Watch a movie 
First dates should always be somewhere neutral. However, once you get to know one another, there’s no reason why going to your date’s house for a home cooked meal or to watch a movie shouldn’t be an option. There’s enough of Netflix to keep you busy for days. 
… The chill bit is obviously optional. 

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