03 Jun 2016

Introducing our new Curated Profiles!

Category: Featured Profiles
Author: Karen
In the age of ten-a-penny dating apps and swiping right, it seems like the opportunity to really get to know a bit about your fellow online dating comrades has fallen by the wayside. At mysinglefriend.com we've always believed that digging that little bit deeper helps make better connections, which is why we get your friend in on the action, but now we've gone a little bit further with our new initiative called Curated Profiles.


We've been taking the time to meet some of our members in person so we can learn about them in a lot more detail. Having a friend describe you will always bring out a lot more interesting, and probably authentic, information than describing yourself, but for us to actually meet someone in person enables us to really learn what makes someone tick. Our first curated profile is Alex, who we met one afternoon at the beautiful Wallace Collection in London. It was wonderful to spend some time learning all about Alex and hearing about the type of person she's looking for, as well as taking some pictures of her looking utterly gorgeous!


Curated Profiles are going to be a regular feature on mysinglefriend.com, so keep an eye out for many more. 

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